About Us

Intimate Night Live is a registered company established to support local artists by providing a new revenue stream via the new online concert platform. The current situation that our country and the world is faced with put the live event industry on hold. Most companies in this industry were forced to close down resulting in millions of industry professionals such as musicians, dancers, vocalists and technical crew to lose their jobs.

'' As our company and platform grows we aim to branch into other sectors. Being creatives apart of a creative industry, we aim to provide this professional service to all sectors. Services that include Content Creation, Live Video Conferencing, Church - Funeral & Wedding Live Streaming and Social Media Management. ''

#INL Vision

INL wants to provide a platform for the arts to continue reaching millions. By opening a space for young minds to express themselves. With the rise of the new online market, INL sees the opportunity to design a creative space. This Project can help so many artists, dancers, vocalists and most importantly young aspiring live industry practitioners.

"Build a better life for yourself and your family."

In a people-driven industry, Intimate Night Live strives to:

  • Sustain customer relationships with professional service, reliable back-up and consistent quality

  • Encourage individual creative contributions and innovations